Happy Holidays Update

I am still enjoying my new home, with the garage, and I'm still attending the Gym that's just down the hill, and across the street.

I went to April's Christmas choir concert, and I have a picture of her on stage. The school provides the tuxedos for the boys, and dresses for the girls, so everyone matches.

Last week I attended the spelling bee where Robert was one of the two students from his fourth grade class to compete. He didn't win, but I was very proud that he was good enough to represent his class.

Monday, Karen and I went to Brian's class to help make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers! That was really fun, and I have some cute pictures. In the morning before school, Brian fell on the playground, and scrapped his nose.

I still can't imagine anything better, except if you all would come to visit.


Brian and Karen



Robert and Brian


My Tree




The shovelers

Pooh Gardening

Pooh Tobogganing

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